Top iOS Apps for Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you will definitely want to have at least one of the top ios apps in the market. Every now and then the number of iOS users are looking for new app that keeps them intrigued and engaged with the large online community. Some of the top apps in the iOS market are:


You can use this app to stay updated on the latest news regarding your device. When you install it for the first time, the app will automatically recognize the device, iOS version and the carrier. This app brings the latest news articles about leaks, games, apps and OS updates. The headlines/articles are called drips, when you tap on the drips, you get to read the entire articles, scroll from left to right, mark them as your favourite or share on social media.


This one of the best photo editing applications for your iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 has great camera and this app compliment its functions after taking pictures. It is a free app and once you start the app you will see four different tabs. Use the Camera tab take pictures and edit them right away, the photo tab is used to import pictures from your gallery for editing, the collage tab is where you merge different photos into a single image and finally the fresh tab is where you can access the latest pictures saved in your gallery.

Since the release of iOS 8, Apple allowed the options of a third party keyboard support. In case you are bored with current iOS keyboard, then SwiftKey is the best alternative. Once you have installed this app, you have to enable SwiftKey from your keyboard settings. The word prediction is great and the gesture typing is very smooth, however, it is not at par with Android keyboard. You will be able to find language options in the SwiftKey settings.

This is a kind of all in one news app, it has a very simple to user interface and top ios apps for iPhone user. When you swap to the right within the app, you get options to add your favourite websites in order to get feeds each time you launch the app. These include sports, latest new in technology and many much more. You can view all your feed using the explore tab. The app automatically gives you the top websites in photography, cinemas, cooking and business. The app is unique and rich in multi-lingual interactive content.

1 Password

1 Password is a great app and one of the top ios apps for security application. You may have many accounts in many different websites, stored security information and credit card numbers which can barely remember. For this reason, 1 Password was created to enable iPhone user to store all these information in one place. You can save secure notes, log in details and even start Id’s in 1 Password. The app has a pro version, which is obtained at a cost by the user. A secure browser that comes with the app, automatically saves usernames and passwords for web pages that require logins.