Top 10 iOS Games

You have an Iphone and are not busy taking pictures of your food with it so you want to play a game instead of going to the app store full of bad games read this review of the top 10 games. This games will get you even more addicted, if that is even possible, because as we all kn ow ios games are the best in the mobile gaming world. The best news is that for some of them on this list you do not need to have less than what it costs to buy Halloween candy, that is totally free. Drumrolls please.

1. Retry
In this annoyingly amazing arcade game you try to make a biplane coast through floating islands. Only thing you are allowed to touch are the coins or the runway. Touch anything else and you start over after the vein in your head stops pulsing, You can purchase more coins to restart but that is basically waving the white flag.

2. Drop 7
This is for those people who spend half their day stuck in traffic or waiting for a client to walk through the door. It is the perfect short session game. You just need to make the tiles disappear by matching the number on the vertical and horizontal 7 by 7 grids. If you do a demanding job do not install this game it will be almost impossible not to play it.

3. Timberman
This is just a headless man with anger management issues chopping away endlessly at a giant tree. You also have to dodge deadly branches and do this quickly before your power meter runs dry. If you dedicate yourself to this game you will unlock 30 timbermen, including and the angriest hulk looking superhero.

4. Flappy Golf
Flappy Golf blows Flappy Bird out of the water and right into Stickman Golf 2. It comprises of the crazy golf courses in Noodlecakes with different controls, with a multiplayer twist.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars
This game uses the star wars prequel to make a new game with design ideas, branching levels and character packs that let you try out different strategies. These game will give you a chance to get your revenge on the evil pigs. This game is for the long term fans.

6. Crazy Taxi City Rush
You zoom around the city picking up fares and dropping people off against the clock, but this time your car travels on rails. Most fans will feel nostalgic about this remake of Crazy Taxi. This game has plenty of upgrades and mini-games.

7. Hoplite
This is a very specific move set played by a man in armorJetPakc HJoyridfe with a blade and spear. You can make him even more tougher till the each enemy who was its won individual movement and attack rules kills you. Fair warning this is not the game for those who rely on the undo button.

8. Asphalt 8
This is the premeir arcade racer on iOS. The cars make a pretty sight cruising down the road but this high speed is also a weapon. This is for all those hardcore gaming fans who want to have something to play on their phones.

9. Jetpack Joyride
This jetpack is kept alive by firing bullets at the floor. Why anyone would want to ride this is a mystery but maybe that’s the humor in this game for adventure freaks.

10. SuperHexagon
Last but not least is a game that will kill you in seconds. You are supposed to dodge the geometric shapes floating toward you on the screen. You will die in seconds but you will enjoy all of them.

Now go download and enjoy.