FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Hack and Cheats

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app is among the best mobile game application software ever created. With console-like graphics an individual playing the game using FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app can experience the most realistic football features on mobile. FIFA 16 Ultimate is a highly detailed game and requires at-most 1.4 GB of free space on your device.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Hack

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team hack

The application has more responsive controls, improved animations, better skill moves to facilitate more exiting goals and smarter teammates making it easier to play the game like a pro with improved hybrid controls that lets an individual use buttons to move the ball or rather use gestures to move the ball to a preferred direction. While using the application for the first time on mobile platform a player can trigger amazing and unique player celebrations, after scoring a goal on the pitch.

fifa 16 ultimate team cheats

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team hack can help you build your Draft squad on mobile platform by choosing between multiple players for each position, the application can get you ready for the match by helping you enhance and optimize your lineup, information and chemistry on the go. The application can also assist in the Arrangement of your future squads with Concept Squads thus an effective squad arranging app device that contains all players.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Cheats

The application can help an individual Win, exchange, and transfer football legends like Juan Cuadrado and Lionel Messi, to crate your play style, for instance formations then adjust player chemistry for the most disciplined and strongest squad .The application also comes packaged with a store thus individuals can never ever miss out on promo deal, individuals Feel the rush of opening packs and getting those uncommon players. Packs are obtained with Coins earned in FIFA Points.


The application lets you Look and choose from over more than 9,000 players from more than 500 authorized and licensed teams and engage in a competition against different players from genuine clubs in genuine and real time arenas from around the globe. Recreate and Reproduce challenges from current live-occasion football matches, as well, with Dynamic Accomplishments. The application gives you a chance to keep in contact with your other individuals through within Football Club. You can Share your most recent FIFA movement and activities, remark on news upgrades, and get essential game notifications.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Tips and Tricks

You can keep the universe of FIFA Ultimate Team™ close with the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 champion app! You can manage and deal with your Ultimate Team at whatever time and at any anyplace. This application: Requires acknowledgment of EA’s cookie and privacy Policy, EULA and ToS, it Includes in-game promoting; Collects information through outsider or third party advertisement serving and analytic innovation Contains direct connections to the web and social site expected for a group of people more than 13.the application is also available in different languages such as French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Football lovers have a chance to explore their skills while using FIFA 16 Ultimate Team hack, the app is easy to install and its bug free and safe for any Smartphone device capable to support the game.

Deer hunter 2016 Hack

Working Deer hunter 2016 Hack

There are numerous hacks already online for “deer hunter 2016”. For instance, the APK allows players to add unlimited money. In spite of the availability of these cheats, none of them have officially been cleared for use hence chances they might have hidden Trojans and other viruses is very high. Take note such programs pose an even greater danger considered they can easily cost you a lot in unwanted and unplanned for costs. If you want the working hack just use ours by clicking the button below:

Deer hunter 2016 Hack

In short, if you feel uncontrollably obliged to progress faster then instead of turning to the cheats simply use the legal way instead of using the cheat codes.

Deer hunter 2016 Review

Deer hunter 2016 hack is designed entirely to give players an equivalent of the thrill of killing several animals in the same manner a wilderness hunter does. In fact, the game is even designed to allow players add their hunt to a trophy cabinet; this makes the game seem even more real despite the fact that all the game just like all others is entirely virtual. Take note, there is not a single animal that is killed in reality.

Unlike the previous version “deer hunter 2014” in which players were set up to kill dinosaurs, the developer Glu, has chosen to turn tables around. He has switched to the basics of the hunting game to take players through different wilderness worlds in this new release “Deer hunter 2016 hack”.

An Overview of the hunting challenges throughout the game

Players have to successfully complete a variety of hunting challenges in order to advance onto the next world. In a bid to make the hunting experience provided for you the app a little more interesting, sometimes players are required to not just kill a single animal instead are tasked with killing at least two. In fact at times, players are given specific instructions to do either a heart shot or better yet a lung shot. Get the unlimited cheat for android and iOS by clicking the link.

Not to worry though, though it may seem like a daunting task, there is infrared which makes targeting easier. It is however worth noting that, as the player you choose the right time to shot since firing at the wrong time might lead to a wrong shot considering the animal may have shifted positions.

Deer hunter 2016 Hack

Graphics Quality

As far as graphic are concerned, the developers have done an incredible job. This is clearly evident from the fact that the game is available for the Android, the iPhone and the iPad platforms with most players who have had the chance to try it out terming the graphics as eye candy.

Simply put, just like In the previous versions, the animals seem lifelike and so is the flora and the fauna all of which by the way collectively contribute to the overall feel, thrill and fun got from the game.

What to expect from the new release “Deer hunter 2016”

If you have had the opportunity to try out the previous versions of the deer hunter then chances are you will most definitely lover this new release “Deer hunter 2016 hack” considering there is not a lot of new additional features to the game. On the other hand however, if you are new to this game then expect a fairly detailed tutorial at the start of the game.

It is equally worth noting that throughout the app; the other functions of the game are gradually unlocked taking into consideration individual player progress. In addition to the above, the game is set in such a manner that as a player, you have to buy more weapons or better yet upgrade in order to hunt more efficiently failure to which progressing your hunt throughout the app will most definitely be short-lived assuming you even manage to progress still hanging to the same amour. To download best Deer hunter 2016 cheat and get unlimited gold for your android, iOS or cydia device just go the download button above (Online)

Going through the contracting hunting is one way to earn points and cash while playing. There is also the trophy hunting which is equally necessary to adhere to in order to progress onto the next hunting world. The main point to take away from this new release is the fact that it starts out with three distinct hunting worlds. First off, the hunting kicks off in Alaska, upon completion; it switches to Texas and then progresses to Colorado. Keep in mind, other worlds will certainly be added onto the game through updates as it has been with the previously versions.

For new players, the game has a detailed official trailer which serves to help give first time players a much clearer impression of what exactly to expect from the game plus it also includes a few quick tips to make the hunting experience less challenging and more fun.

Downloading Deer Hunter 2016 hack

The game is available for free download. It is however funded by in-app purchases as well as advertising. Take note, all the content bought with money throughout the game for instance the entry level packages though not imperative serve to help significantly speed up the over hunting progress throughout the game.

One downside about the game is the fact that it requires connection to a server. The app is not designed for offline play.

Good stuff

  1. Plays well overall
  2. Characteristic of a generous energy system
  3. Deer hunter 2016 hack gets you a beautiful amout of gold.

Bad stuff

  1. Animal A.I is very low (poor)
  2. Could be more fun with randomly placed animals

Mortal Kombat X hack – Souls, Koins, Alliance Points

Mortal Kombat X Hack tool

Mortal Kombat X is the tenth installment in the Mortal Kombat series. The game was released on April 14th, 2015. During its release, it came out in three versions to be played on several different gaming consoles including the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. The game is also scheduled to be released for the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3. Additionally, the game is expected to be released in iOS and Android versions.

mortal kombt x hack

Learning to Play

The premise of the game is to fight your opponent using special moves and tactics. It is a two player game allowing two opponents to battle it out until one dies. Each character is different and offers a different set of moves. In the previous Moral Kombat version, the players were able to use their environment to help them in the fight. That continues in this game as characters can bounce off different platforms in an effort to gain better access to their opponent. There are multiple ways to combat your opponent in the game including brutalities, faction kills, and quitality. These will help the player gain wins against their opponent.

New Play Modes

Throughout the game, there are several play modes including King of the Hill, Test Your Luck, 1 vs 1 Ranked, and Survivor. In Mortal Kombat X, players will experience 2 new play modes. Faction Wars allows players to choose between 5 different factions including Special Forces, Black Dragon, Lin Kuei, White Lotus, and the Brotherhood of Shadow. As you progress through the faction, you can earn points that will advance you to new levels and unlock rewards to help you in your fight against your opponents. Another addition to the game is Living Towers. This new mode provides different playing conditions by the hour so you have to be at the top of your game and ready for the unexpected.

Hack Proof


What Can You Expect?

This gruesome, fighting game is not for the weak of heart. Just like the rest of the games in this successful franchise, Mortal Kombat X provides plenty of action throughout each level. You aren’t going to find success in just the few minutes of playing the game. Instead, you will have to work your way up to gaining the right moves and weapons to help you in your fight against the opponent. There are several different characters to choose from including Cassie Cage, D’vorah, Jason Voorhees, Kung Jin, and many more.

The game was developed by NetherRealm Studios from High Voltage Software and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. The game is set 20 years after the previous Mortal Kombat game where Johnny has assembled an entire team of fighters in hopes to stop Quan Chi from gaining the amulet. Putting yourself in the character’s shoes, you have the ability to fight your own battle while conquering those enemies you have seen throughout the previous Mortal Kombat games. This game is surely to excite all Mortal Kombat games and will be a great asset to the franchise. It is only a matter of time when the next Mortal Kombat game will be released that will build upon this one.

Dragon Blaze Hack – Online Generator

Dragon Blaze Hack tool

Dragon blaze is a fun and flashy mobile RPG. It was developed and upgraded by the Flint. RPG moves the gamers to the landing Dragon where they get challenged in saving the human beings in the battle with the dragons. The game sports a brightly colored world, intricately backdrops that are detailed and the characters animated with a puppets on a string feel.

dragon blaze hack

The game opens with a pretty generic prologue, to an extent of which is relatively not necessary. The essence of the story is that deathcrown the head of the living and the dead has come back from the banishment with a troop of dragons with an intention of opposing the humans and their leader king Gram.

Dragon Blaze Hack screenshots

dragon blaze hack

In dragon blaze hack, players pick one of the five hero types; these include priest, mage, archer, warrior or rogue. In the process of advancing they will recruit and train more team members with their own abilities and their group. Dragon blaze offers 4 game play modes which include a level based on adventure or story line mode, which features a real time battles against the bosses, lesser enemies and mini-bosses.

In each and every mission, characters upgrade and heal or attack automatically. This leaves gamers to physically cure their key hero and make their unique abilities active. If there is a lot of socialization, players turn on a full auto mode,that sees the key hero making the skills active automatically in the process of recharging.

Once the players complete their missions and get new friends, they can now assimilate several allies into those who they are ready to keep them to be efficient. Moreover, gamers can buy nice heroes using premium currency.

Outside of the story mode of the game, players can complete their boss raids in time with three players for an opportunity to get weapons and some other materials as rewards. Games make completion with others in the game verses the arena player and at long last users can study out labyrinth, getting into combat against endless weaves of the rivals to acquire an extra gold.

The battle of the dragon blaze hack tutorial is highly sparse and the actual combat makes a sequence that can be quite immense and confusing at first. Everything plays quickly and the clique of the system is the lack of control shown by the players in the battle. Once you get on the stage, you can literally walk away from the dragon blaze hack and it is capable of playing through without you. The MC will attack on his own without interactions from other players.

For those who prefer better involvement, you can turn off auto to acquire special skill usage and the player will then stand responsible for making use of the potions and the items of revival which can be set to their pouch in the menu of inventory.

Only one out of three pouch slots available originally, the others must be bought using rubies. Opening a second pouch slot is highly recommended soonest possible, so that both revival and potion scrolls can get equipped simultaneously.

The allies and equipment are summoned using friend points that are collected through interactions with other players. The dragon blaze hack mostly relies upon the strategy and planning and leans less in the battle game play. One can battle other players in the arena, make or join a guild to participate to get involved in challenges and events and complete mini quest to acquire rubies, rare allies or equipment.

Best Crossy Road Hack (Last Update)

Check below for Crossy Road Hack

Crossy Road Hack

Want to a Simple yet Innovative Mobile Game? – Use Crossy Road Hack

Want to enjoy a simple game that can easily run on any android, iOS mobile device? Then it’s time for you to get the Crossy road hack on your device. It is mobile game that has been developed by Hipster Whale, an Australian indie game company. This game has been developed by Matt Hall, Ben Weatherall and Andy Sum. The ultimate goal of this game is to enable the main character (hen) cross the road without being squished by the running cars. Below have been highlighted some of the unique features of the free to play application.

crossy road hack

1. Description of Crossy Road

The main idea behind this game is to go as far as possible by crossing the roads, grasslands, rivers and rail tracks, without being crushed down. The player has to tap on the mobile screen to enable the chicken move further in a specific direction by passing each and every obstacle. The player will earn a point after moving a square unit. More square units moved will enable you to earn more points. You will also get the chance to win gold coins in various stages of the game.

2. Features of the game

– Can be played on a big screen

This is one of the unique features of this game. The picture quality of the game is extremely high and that’s why you will be able to play it easily on a mobile device having a large screen.

– Various characters

Want to enjoy various types of characters in a single game? Then make sure to install the crossy road mobile game. It has around 100 historical characters that have been designed with extreme care.

– Simple yet innovative

This is also one of the major features due to which most of the mobile users in different parts of the world have become addicted to this game. The rules of the game are extremely simple and thereby enable you to play it efficiently even though you may be new to the game.

– Free to play

There is no need for you to spend your valuable money for playing this game. This application is available free on the web. You just need to install the app on the device and start playing it.

– Traffic maintained by Dodge cars

The traffic on the road is maintained by Dodge cars that act as Android Robot.

3. How to play Crossy Road Hack?

– You first need to install the game on your mobile.

– Then you have to use the controls to move the main character of the game towards forward, backward, right or left.

– You need to walk carefully and prevent getting hit by the cars on the road or get drowned in a pool of water.

4. Tips to play the game efficiently

– In order to be safe, it will be wise to be on the middle portion of the road. It is the part where there are few trees and even junks.

– Make sure to tap on the screen clearly in order to cross the road in a smart way.

– You must hop properly to get to the other side of the road.

These are some of the unique features of the game that has made it popular among the mobile users. You must be well aware about the rules of the game in order to enjoy it in a proper manner.


Best Castle Clash Hack (Updated)

Castle Clash is a reverse td style strategy game that originally grew to be a smash struck on the Android program, and has most recently recently been released on iOS. Your goal in this online game is to build up your base, strengthen your military, collect gold and also mana, and compete against other participants and against computer-controlled bases in the story mode in order to become one of the better players in the world. Continue reading for some tips and tricks regarding Castle Clash!

castle clash hack

Unlike many other games of this type, after a battle is completed, you won’t shed every single troop which you deployed during the battle. Instead, the ones that didn’t die in the battle will go back to your own army camp and are usable again within the next fight. Always send in the maximum possible level of troops during a fight. Continually upgrade your army camp in order to increase the maximum amount of troopers that you can send at one time.

Like most games of the genre, you can find two main sources that you can get in Castle Clash. Gold and Dimana, your two main resources, are used to construct all of your buildings, together with Mana bearing any additional responsibility of being utilized to train new troops. Building up your base will be priority primary, and that starts along with acquiring more rare metal and mana. Create gold mines and mana mills to do this, and build the rare metal vault and mana vault to store it. Upgrade these and build more of these to improve your collection quantities and your capacities.

Castle Clash hack tool is really a best game regarding time spent, extremely addicted very curious game ever, large community fond of this and want to catch endless gems, gold and also mana freely, and we made this tool for make up easy this usually all developers catch the loop hole of the game makers, so naturally when we get loopholes we are able to hack game within just seconds.

The next most important building is the town hall, which is central to everything you carry out. You only get one city hall, and the more you upgrade it, the more of every creating that you unlock. As well as, you unlock brand new buildings this way, also. The upgrades are quite expensive, but they are worth it.

Castle Clash is a absolve to play massively *multiplayer strategy game in which you build your base, your own army, assemble the batch of characters, and attack other players while guarding yourself against attacks on your base. Like almost every free to play game, this online game comes with a number of inside app purchases, remarkably gems/treasure, which is the actual premium purple stone that you can purchase in the in app buy store. It’s really possible to succeed without spending any money, however. Read on to find out how you can do just that!

You start off of the game with a remarkably significant amount of value. However , it’s easy to fall into the habit of using your treasure to speed up every building project that you participate in. Resist the temptation to do so, instead basically using smart moment management and awaiting buildings and improvements to complete.

Top 10 iOS Games

You have an Iphone and are not busy taking pictures of your food with it so you want to play a game instead of going to the app store full of bad games read this review of the top 10 games. This games will get you even more addicted, if that is even possible, because as we all kn ow ios games are the best in the mobile gaming world. The best news is that for some of them on this list you do not need to have less than what it costs to buy Halloween candy, that is totally free. Drumrolls please.

1. Retry
In this annoyingly amazing arcade game you try to make a biplane coast through floating islands. Only thing you are allowed to touch are the coins or the runway. Touch anything else and you start over after the vein in your head stops pulsing, You can purchase more coins to restart but that is basically waving the white flag.

2. Drop 7
This is for those people who spend half their day stuck in traffic or waiting for a client to walk through the door. It is the perfect short session game. You just need to make the tiles disappear by matching the number on the vertical and horizontal 7 by 7 grids. If you do a demanding job do not install this game it will be almost impossible not to play it.

3. Timberman
This is just a headless man with anger management issues chopping away endlessly at a giant tree. You also have to dodge deadly branches and do this quickly before your power meter runs dry. If you dedicate yourself to this game you will unlock 30 timbermen, including and the angriest hulk looking superhero.

4. Flappy Golf
Flappy Golf blows Flappy Bird out of the water and right into Stickman Golf 2. It comprises of the crazy golf courses in Noodlecakes with different controls, with a multiplayer twist.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars
This game uses the star wars prequel to make a new game with design ideas, branching levels and character packs that let you try out different strategies. These game will give you a chance to get your revenge on the evil pigs. This game is for the long term fans.

6. Crazy Taxi City Rush
You zoom around the city picking up fares and dropping people off against the clock, but this time your car travels on rails. Most fans will feel nostalgic about this remake of Crazy Taxi. This game has plenty of upgrades and mini-games.

7. Hoplite
This is a very specific move set played by a man in armorJetPakc HJoyridfe with a blade and spear. You can make him even more tougher till the each enemy who was its won individual movement and attack rules kills you. Fair warning this is not the game for those who rely on the undo button.

8. Asphalt 8
This is the premeir arcade racer on iOS. The cars make a pretty sight cruising down the road but this high speed is also a weapon. This is for all those hardcore gaming fans who want to have something to play on their phones.

9. Jetpack Joyride
This jetpack is kept alive by firing bullets at the floor. Why anyone would want to ride this is a mystery but maybe that’s the humor in this game for adventure freaks.

10. SuperHexagon
Last but not least is a game that will kill you in seconds. You are supposed to dodge the geometric shapes floating toward you on the screen. You will die in seconds but you will enjoy all of them.

Now go download and enjoy.

Top iOS Apps for Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you will definitely want to have at least one of the top ios apps in the market. Every now and then the number of iOS users are looking for new app that keeps them intrigued and engaged with the large online community. Some of the top apps in the iOS market are:


You can use this app to stay updated on the latest news regarding your device. When you install it for the first time, the app will automatically recognize the device, iOS version and the carrier. This app brings the latest news articles about leaks, games, apps and OS updates. The headlines/articles are called drips, when you tap on the drips, you get to read the entire articles, scroll from left to right, mark them as your favourite or share on social media.


This one of the best photo editing applications for your iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 has great camera and this app compliment its functions after taking pictures. It is a free app and once you start the app you will see four different tabs. Use the Camera tab take pictures and edit them right away, the photo tab is used to import pictures from your gallery for editing, the collage tab is where you merge different photos into a single image and finally the fresh tab is where you can access the latest pictures saved in your gallery.

Since the release of iOS 8, Apple allowed the options of a third party keyboard support. In case you are bored with current iOS keyboard, then SwiftKey is the best alternative. Once you have installed this app, you have to enable SwiftKey from your keyboard settings. The word prediction is great and the gesture typing is very smooth, however, it is not at par with Android keyboard. You will be able to find language options in the SwiftKey settings.

This is a kind of all in one news app, it has a very simple to user interface and top ios apps for iPhone user. When you swap to the right within the app, you get options to add your favourite websites in order to get feeds each time you launch the app. These include sports, latest new in technology and many much more. You can view all your feed using the explore tab. The app automatically gives you the top websites in photography, cinemas, cooking and business. The app is unique and rich in multi-lingual interactive content.

1 Password

1 Password is a great app and one of the top ios apps for security application. You may have many accounts in many different websites, stored security information and credit card numbers which can barely remember. For this reason, 1 Password was created to enable iPhone user to store all these information in one place. You can save secure notes, log in details and even start Id’s in 1 Password. The app has a pro version, which is obtained at a cost by the user. A secure browser that comes with the app, automatically saves usernames and passwords for web pages that require logins.

Top 5 Android games of 2015

With the increasing popularity of Android tablets and phones, the number of apps available for download on the android platform have also increased.

This then means that there are hundreds of free and paid Android games to select from. Not every game is worth the download, as with any product there will be th junk among the lot. Nevertheless, there are quite a few good, great and exceptional games out there, and here we give you the top 5 games for 2015 thus far.


If you are a fan of Pro Wrestling, then you will have reason to be overjoyed, as you now have the option to control your favorite heroes using the online multiplayer mode. This also allows you to measure your strength and compare your wins to other players all around the world. This game allows you to upgrade whichever WWE character you choose, power it up, build skill sets and match your prowess against other players in online battles. One thing to note is that you must constantly improve your team of players with other characters available. Therefore, you will be able to play as The Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Triple H and a host of other big names in the business.

You can install the WWE Immortals game and later versions for Android 4.0 for free. You will need a WiFi connection to download this game as it measure around 1.5 GB.

2) AIR CONTROL 2- free

This is by far o,e of the most popular titled ever to be released for Android devices and now has a sequel version. This game allows players to aircraft carriers and air traffic in and around airports and similar landing areas. This latest release also has multiplayer support which allows you to play with another friend simultaneously on your phone or tablet. The Air Control story in this sequel allows you to visit landing strips around the world, with multiple models of helicopters and airplanes. There is also support for radio jams, landing in bad weather, zeppelin airships and tons more.

You can install Air Control 2 for free on all Android 2.3.3 and later devices. Bear in mind however that this game does feature in-app purchases and so you should be very careful if you decide to leave kids unsupervised.

3) GUNSLIGS 2 – $3.15

Designed by OrangePixel, Gunslugs 2 is a continuation of the storyline from the original game which was launched over two years ago. You join the Gunslugs teams to battle evil forces that comprise of spiders, rockets, bombs, tanks, aliens and a myriad of other evil nemeses.

The Black Duck Army is on a campaign to take over the entire galaxy, and you are the only good left standing against the great evil. In this latest release you battle through more than 7 different worlds each having 8 levels. To complete a level you must fight a boss at the end.

You can buy Gunslugs for $3.15 from your Google Play Store, and it can be installed on android 2.3 and later devices. This app only asks you to pay once, as there are no in-app purchases, making it one of the cheapest games out there.

4) 2- BIT COWBOY- $0.99

This is a western themed 2- bit game launched by Crescent Moon. In this game you will be playing. A very busy sheriff, who hunts all the bad guys across challenging levels to find loot and earn rewards in order to complete the story.

You will have the choose of customizing male/ female sheriff, drinking and gambling salons, huge levels for exploration, retro graphics and horse riding.

This game can only be installed on Android 4.2 and later versions. You will not need to do in app purchases either.

5) FLOCKERS – $1.99

In this game you need to attempt to save all the sheep across 60 levels, before they die. You will have to make them jump over deadly pits, buzz saws, help them fly over walls or even make some explode to sacrifice themselves for others. You will need to complete all 18 levels and collect all the available sheep model to unlock different achievements and beat this game.

Flockers can be installed on Android 2.3 and later devices. It also has some in app purchases, bit you can avoid needing to buy these by unlocking the extra sheep.
Here you have the top five Android games thus far for 2015, with a promise of much more to come.

Top 5 Racing Games for Android and iOS


The way mobiles have evolved from a device whose basic motive was just to do phone calls to a device that can not just only call but play music, take a picture or a video, it has become all in one entrainment system. As mobile technology evolved so did its underlying hardware. With phones sporting dual core , quad core or even octa core processors to process the data with some additional help of graphics chips in them one would not be shocked to see some really high graphics games more or like its PC counterparts running on their mobile devices.

Having moved into the category of games, one genre of games has caught the eye of not only the gaming enthusiastic but also an average layman. If you`re thinking about racing then Yep! You`re right! Racing let`s our adrenaline rushing, the feel of speed, driving fast on the road in your own million dollar Ferrari or a Bugatti is every 7 year olds dream. For obvious reasons where in you can`t do that legally on road and or own such expensive car`s, such dreams can though be completed in your Android/ iOS device with these top high quality racing games.


1)Real Racing 3:

Real racing 3 is available on both Android as well as iOS device for free. Real racing 3 allows gamers to drive real world cars around the world`s famous racing circuits. The game has stunning graphics with inclusion of numerous gaming modes ranging from time trails to sprints. With multiplayer capabilities (Time shift) you can challenge your friends and set up a time record for them to beat. Real racing 3 is in continuous development and something new is added in every update.


2)Gameloft Asphalt 8:

Gameloft`s Asphalt 8: Airborne, just like real racing 3 is available on both the mobile platforms (Android / iOS) and that too for free. It also delivers stunning visuals with animation and a smooth lag free gameplay. Where Asphalt 8 differs from real racing 3 is that unlike real racing`s to the track approach, Asphalt focuses more on real road experience, with city streets and oncoming traffic with various stunt jump locations for aerial stunts and nitrous packs sums up Asphalts 8 gameplay and yes not to mention there are 50+ high performance cars and 180 events to play!


3) GT-Racing 2:

Here comes another great game from Gameloft`s developers, GT Racing 2- Free game on both Android and iOS unlike Asphalt 8 follows a pattern similar to real racing 3. With cockpit view this game is as close as its gets to the real thing. 13 tracks and 71 licensed cars is what you get with those stunning graphics. Weather effects, numerous racing modes and several camera modes make it a fun yet a serious racing game to play.


4) CSR Racing and CSR classics:

CSR Racing duos are yet another game available to download for free on your Android play store or iOS app store. These CSR games are way apart from all those above; they focus on just one aspect of gaming i.e. Drag racing. No turns, no cornering just straights with your quick reaction skills (Gear changing upon perfect timing- Green shift). CSR racing sports all the new cars while CSR classics is the one for those classic car lovers.


5)Need for Speed: Most Wanted:

Need for Speed Most wanted gets its pedigree from the famous NFS series from Electronic Arts. NFS Most wanted was developed by Greese Monkey studios and it delivers some adrenaline-pumping racing on the table. With 40 hot rides and intense street racing and being a NFS game some police pursuits to spice up things. Great news is that its available for both Android and iOS device but at a charge of $6.99.